Frequently Asked Questions


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The Barone Modeling Agency was established in 1974. This Agency has many years of experience, and is well-known for its professionalism by area organizations that hire models.

References: In the Washington, DC area, the Better Business Bureau telephone number is (202)393-8000, or, the BBB web site, is To check on the Barone Agency you must type in Barone & Company Incorporated (Barone Modeling Agency is also known as Barone & Company Incorporated, Professional Modeling Agency). The Barone Agency receives an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

The agency has been operating in Fairfax County for 40 years, you can check on licensing and Consumer Affairs for the County. You will find there are no problems with Barone.

The agency specializes in the promotion of girls and woman's apparel. The agency does not represent male models, because there is very little work for male models, therefore we can not implement our written guarantee for males.

The most important points you must consider are:

1.The Barone Modeling agency DOES NOT CHARGE for TRAINING, DOES NOT CHARGE TO APPEAR ON the Barone WEB SITE, (the agency site receives more than 5000 hits per day)

and Barone Models are given a WRITTEN GUARANTEE that they will model and GET PAID for it.(Ask your attorney, a written guarantee is Legal and binding)

NO OTHER organization can make this claim! BEWARE of organizations that do not give written guarantees (Indicate "No promise of Jobs" or you are going through their program for "Self Improvement"). The Barone Agency will go a step further in its claim. If you can find an organization that will make you a better offer then ours, and they will put that offer in writing, we will pay whatever fees you need to go there. That is how confident we are that they will not put it in writing if the offer is better than ours. (Barone has been making this offer since 1993. No one has ever walked in with a better offer).

According to investigative reporters from Washington, DC, area television Channels 4, 7, 9, 11, SOME organizations will use "flattery, and outright lies" to get you to give them money. (When you come to our office you will be shown documented evidence to support this statement, and all other claims made on this site)

Many girls call our agency to ask about our modeling program, and about acquiring a position with the agency. The following are some of the questions we are asked and the answers to them.

1. (Q) Does the agency need models at this time?

(A) Our clients are always interested in new faces in professional modeling, consequently, our agency continuously has positions available for part-time models.

It is our opinion that many of the really attractive girls in the area do not seek modeling positions because they really do not know where to begin. Many think they must first attend a modeling school. We are not a modeling school, we are a professional agency only. Our agency is the only agency that does not require prior training in professional modeling. If you are a qualified applicant this agency will undertake to train you , and not charge you any training fee. That's right, the training is free to qualified part-time professional modeling trainees.

2) (Q) What qualifications are you looking for?

(A) The qualifications required of Barone Models are:

The girls are at least 11 years old, there is NO upper age limit.

We do not expect the girls to be super beautiful, because some above average looking girls have been accepted.

We prefer intelligent, responsible, personable girls.

We are looking for girls who have a high potential for professional modeling, and have a great desire to become a model, and to succeed at it.

Your attitude toward modeling is an important consideration in this agency.

We do not have a height requirement. We have used very capable models on the runway, and informal models as short as 5 feet tall. Keep in mind, in Fashion Photography Modeling, the model's height is absolutely of no importance.

If you are accepted into our agency you are guaranteed to model, and get paid for it.

3) (Q) What kind of modeling does the agency do?

(A)The agency is involved primarily in fashion and commercial advertising.

Barone models have appeared in the following

Magazines and Newspapers:

The Washington Post, Washington Living Magazine, Washingtonian Magazine, Washington Post Magazine, Teen Magazine, Dossier Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, Military Publications, University Publications, Area Journals, Ebony Magazine, People Magazine, Popular Science Magazine.

Nationwide Publications: Including The Chicago Tribune, and San Francisco Examiner

International Magazines and Newspapers in: France, Germany, Turkey, Brazil, Japan, England and Canada.

Television Advertising:

Barone Models have appeared in Local advertising, on National Television Shows, and on International Television shows.

Fashion Modeling

Barone Models have appeared in many of the stores at: Springfield Mall, Tyson's Corner Mall, Beacon Mall, Landmark Shopping Center, Georgetown, Wheaton Plaza, Lakeforest Mall, Whiteflint Mall, Montgomery Mall, Springfield Plaza, Prince George's Plaza, W. Falls Church Center, Outlet Mall, Washington, DC, Pentagon City, Crystal City.


A large portion of these assignments are in FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY MODELING. This segment of the program was created in order to make available "New Faces" for the Barone publication, National Model Magazine, thousands of copies distributed nationwide, and to France, Germany, Brazil, and Canada.


(A) The answer is NO! If you are a qualified applicant we will train you, and the training is FREE.


(A) In our opinion, a great deal of modeling is common sense. Therefore, the amount of training you receive is based on the amount of training you as an individual will need. You will be instructed in all areas of modeling, including the professional application of make-up, fashion photography modeling, tea room modeling, informal, and promotion modeling, Screen Tests of our Model Actresses, and Runway Modeling, On Line video commercial advertising (like a television commercial) with worldwide exposure.

Instructions given by Barone Professional models.

Although you will be instructed in all areas of modeling, you may model in only those areas you prefer as an individual. You are not required to model in an area you do not prefer. That is, if your interest only includes fashion photography then you may model only in photography, if your interest includes all areas then you may model in all.

6). (Q) How long does the training take?

(A) Again, it depends on how fast you learn. Most models complete the training in just three weeks, and then start modeling for pay.

7) How soon will you model, after becoming a Barone Model?

(A) Immediately

8) (Q) How do I apply to become a Barone Model?

(A) You will need to be seen in person, in a personal interview. Because the training is FREE, because we give a written guarantee you will model and get paid for it, and to insure the agency only the most interested, and motivated models will apply. The agency charges a $25 screening fee. The purpose of the screening fee again is to insure the agency that only the most interested and motivated models will apply. This is a one time fee, if you are not accepted the first time you may reapply at no charge. The agency will assist you in becoming acceptable.

You will also need a snapshot to be included with your application, if you do not have one the agency can take one for you for $5. Please note: if you have already sent the agency a photo you will NOT need to bring another.

You need your measurements, including height, and accurate weight. (If you do not have a scale, and measuring tape, we have them in our office). For a model, these are your qualifications. Clients select models for assignments based on your photographs, and your qualifications.

9) (Q)How can I get a personal interview with the Agency

(A) Telephone: 703-768-2231. Press # then the number 1 on your telephone key pad, and leave a message giving your name and telephone number.

At the interview you will need $25 in cash (we do not accept personal checks or credit cards)

You will need a snapshot, just your face if possible for identification only, it is not used for the evaluation. If you do not have one, we can take one for you for $5. Please note: if you have already sent the agency a photo you will NOT need to bring another.

11) (Q) Directions to the office:(We are located 8 miles south of Washington, DC, in Falls Church, VA)

(Map Directions)

(Parking Instructions)

(Directions by Metro and Bus)

(A) Our office is located at the intersection of 395 and Seminary Road

Go West on Seminary Road, 3 traffic lights to a Seven Eleven store(On your right).

Turn left onto the continuation of Seminary Road.

We are located on the ground level (Business Center), of Skyline Towers, 5597 Seminary Road, "B" Level, Suite A-12-South, Falls Church, VA 22041 (Tel: 703-768-2231) (Please note we are not in Skyline Plaza, not in Skyline Square, not in Skyline Place, print out the "Map Directions above)

Important conclusions to keep in mind when applying to a modeling agency

Be cautious of organizations that have photos of famous New York supermodels on the walls of their offices, or web sites. Check the model's personal web site, and see if the name of the school or convention is there. Remember, not the web site of the school or convention promoter, but, the personal web site of the Supermodel. Ask the school or convention promoter to put in writing that they represented the model, and were responsible for the development of her career.

Note: Be cautious of the following clauses in the "FINE PRINT" of their contracts:(Remember: in person talk GIVETH, the fine print TAKETH AWAY)

1) You understand there is No Guarantee 2) You understand there is No promise of Jobs. 3)You understand you are going through their program for SELF IMPROVEMENT only" . This usually indicates FOR THOSE organizations, you will not model anywhere for anyone.

Remember Barone Guarantees you will model and get paid for it. The guarantee is in writing! We have been making this guarantee, and complying with it for 40 years, in Fairfax County, VA.

Why spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars going to another agency learning information you simply do not need , or that you already know through your own intelligence, and common sense.

Information you are just not interested in knowing.

If your interest is primarily professional modeling our program is the least expensive, and most beneficial method.

Do not be misled by other organizations who claim you will get modeling positions if you pay for their training or go to suggested conventions (at a cost of thousands of dollars). You will find they will not guarantee that in writing.

Many times you are led to believe you have been signed by a big name modeling agency after going to a convention. They will even telephone you to give the impression they are interested. But, you will still not get any paying modeling assignments from them. At the very least you will not get back the enormous amount of money you spent to go to the convention (possibly as much as $3000 to $5000).

After being trained, and getting experience from Barone, you can make an appointment with a big name modeling agency in New York or elsewhere on your own. You will get the same results at much less cost.

The Barone Program is a fine opportunity for a girl who sincerely wants to try professional modeling without spending a great deal of money. Because she may not have the money to spend, and does not want to waste it learning information she does not need to know.

Words of encouragement to new applicants. You don't know what you can do until you try. If professional modeling is really what you want in all probability you can do it if you want to badly enough.

Barone Models are as well trained, and as professional as any other models in the world, and they do not pay a training fee.