The Barone Agency ( cautions you to be careful of the following method used by some organizations:

This person signed at the interview for his daughter, and gave the organization his credit card. After further investigating other agencies, he called them and said he had changed his mind. THEY CHARGED HIS CREDIT ACCOUNT ANYWAY, FOR MORE THAN SIXTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS ($1600). He had to go through a major hassle to get his money back.

This person took the time, or realized he could get his money back, by contacting his credit card office. But, what about the people who may not realize they can stop payment? These people obviously go ahead and go through the program, before they realize they will not get what they are expecting in the way of modeling assignments.

The point here is, do not be so quick to sign up for the program, and give the organization money at the interview. Go home and think about it first!