The Barone Agency ( cautions you to be careful of the following method used by some organizations:

In this method a model becomes very impressed by a radio or television advertisement she hears, and this is why she goes to the interview in a hotel or shopping mall.

The commercial included words to the effect: "Introducing Sarah (not the name actually used, however, they have been known to use the FIRST name of a supermodel, but, not the last). Sarah is now a top model making television commercials, appearing in magazines, appearing in motion pictures, and making lots, and lots of money, etc etc"

Our question. Who is Sarah(remember, not the name actually used)? No last name or other means of identifying this so called successful model was given, so her success could actually be verified. Did this model actually achieve success due to the promotion given by the organization producing the commercial? Although this is being implied by the commercial, can not be verified either!

After going to the interview the model discovers she was going to have to spend many hundreds of dollars, (in excess of $700, and may be as much as $3000), with NO GUARANTEE. Remember a "no guarantee" clause in a agencies contracts is usually a guarantee that you will not work. Be sure to read the fine print carefully. Barone never uses fine print at all.