A situation has been observed by the Barone Agency that effects applicants new to the United States. People who do not have work permits at the time of application.

It is our understanding that you must have work authorization prior to working, and prior to applying for work.

The Barone Agency( has observed the following situations:

1. An applicant called us and asked if she could work as a model although she did not have work authorization. Barone of course said NO! She then said that another organization told her that they would pay her in cash, so she could circumvent the need for a work permit. Of course she would have to go through their training program first at a cost of between $1000 and $2700.

2. Barone observed a model who was being interviewed on television. The model attended a modeling organization that told her the organization would get her work authorization after she completed the training program. The program cost thousands of dollars. That particular organization was later sued by the Federal Trade Commission for fraud.

3. A model applicant came into our office and told Barone that she would expect Barone to obtain work authorization for her because she was in the United States on a "tourist visa". Barone told her that our agency does not make such promises.

Our conclusion, based on the above experiences, leads Barone to believe some organizations are promising that they will get you work authorization if you pay for their training program. The training program will amount to many hundreds, even thousands of dollars. It is our opinion that these organizations have no intentions of getting anyone work authorization.

What should you do if an organization makes such a promise? Ask them to put that promise in writing!

You might consider bringing the situation to the attention of the "Consumer Affairs" office in the county in which the organization is operating. If they are from out of the area, bring it to the attention of the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, DC. This practice is questionable at best!