The Barone Agency ( cautions you to be careful of the following method used by some organizations:

This method is very interesting. In the opinion of BARONE it plays heavily on the ego of the applicant. In addition this particular organization gives a catalog supposedly containing photos of stars that have gone through their program. We have been told that one of those stars is Miss Goldie Hawn. However, when we went to Miss Hawn's biography, according to "Leonard Maltin's Movie Encyclopedia", Miss Hawn, "studied drama at American University", in Washington, DC.

There was no mention of the modeling organization in question. You will find similar situations if you check on other stars in their catalog.

1. The advertising used indicates evaluation is FREE.

2. When the applicant arrives she finding many hundreds of applicants there.

3. Then the organization selects only about twenty girls they consider to be "qualified". The rest of the applicants are told they can leave.

4. The applicants selected feel, " WOW, I was selected" out of all those applicants.

5. Then the "Selected ones" are told they have to go through a training program. The cost about $3500, yes, Three thousand five hundred dollars, just for training. An applicant in the state of mind of the "selected ones" is very likely to spend the money, because this method is intended to make you feel superior. Barone has also been informed that these organizations want the entire $3500 up front, there is NO PAYMENT PLAN.

The applicant that gave the above information about Miss Hawn told Barone she was told by the interviewer, "I am sure we can do something for you,". The next day the applicant was called at home and was asked for $3500. The applicant said she did not have $3500. The interviewer recommended that she get a credit card to get the money. The applicant said, "forget it".

6. Barone feels very strongly that this is an initial fee, that there will be more fees involved.

7. The "Selected Ones" are also informed that even though there is a $3500 training fee, there is a NO GUARANTEE CLAUSE IN THE agreements. Remember as we mention elsewhere, a NO GUARANTEE CLAUSE IS usually a guarantee you will not work.

8. This organization and others also use photos and names of well known models, motion picture, and television stars on their web site and brochures. Thus giving you the impression that these models and stars succeeded as a direct result of their promotion and/or training received from this particular organization. In most cases if you go directly to the web site of the stars themselves, they indicate that they never went to a modeling school. If this type of promotion is being used by an organization that you attend ask them to PUT IN WRITING THAT THOSE STARS went through their program and are currently being represented by that organization. If they refuse then you know you are being misled.

Remember, appearing in their catalog DOES NOT mean these stars went through there program or were ever represented by that organization. The organization may put in very fine print, the star is a 'FRIEND" of the organization, thus allowing them to put their photo into their catalog. The following is a link to information compiled by investigative reporters about questionable organizations. The reporter refers to this type of organization as, IMSC which is short for, "Infamous Modeling Scam Company". Remember IMSC is not the name of the company in the expose'. (Click here, for detailed information)

How many of the "Selected Ones" get modeling work after going through the training program. None!

Considering this same topic, Barone was recently told that one of the area modeling schools claims that Miss Tyra Banks completed their program before becoming a star. We checked Miss Bank's biography, and saw no mention of any modeling school preparation. There is a particular modeling school that claims many supermodels that signed with a certain big name modeling agency in New York, went through their program. But, the fact is, that school has absolutely nothing to do with the agency in New York.