The Barone Agency ( cautions you to be careful of the following method used by some organizations:

Some models have told us that they had gone through the training program of an organization that had come into the Washington area from out of town. They paid from fourteen hundred ($1400), to eighteen hundred dollars ($1800) for the training. At the last class They were told they would have to get the work themselves, that the organization did not provide placements for anyone. Once you are trained or have purchased your composite cards, you must get the work yourself.

Some models have said that as a result of going through the training, and/or getting photographs or composite cards, they received calls for assignments from the above organizations. However, the caller always found something the model was lacking. For example she was too short, or not qualified for some other reason. The bottom line, these models never received any work. This leaves the question: were these calls genuine? If the model is not qualified after calling, why was she called at all. More importantly, why was she accepted into their program at all!

The Barone Agency receives many composite cards from new models who have gone through programs elsewhere. It appears that after the model has spent the money on photographs, and composite cards, she must now spend the time, and the money to GET THE WORK HERSELF.