The Barone Agency ( cautions you to be careful of the following method used by some organizations:

This method uses the concept known as "Modeling Conventions". Here the model is told if she attends the convention she will increase her chances of being discovered by a well known Modeling Agency. She is told modeling agents attending the convention are from some of the biggest, and most prestigious Modeling Agencies in the country.

However, there is a fee to attend these conventions, this fee could be as much as $5000. Yes, you are reading that correctly. To meet these modeling agents, will cost a fee of as much as Five Thousand Dollars.

In the opinion of the Barone Agency, if you want to meet with a big name Modeling Agency, telephone that agency and make an appointment for an interview. In most cases the interview will cost nothing more than your travel expenses. Definitely a long way from $5000.

Barone has met with models who attended the conventions, and spent the money. What did they get for going. Nothing, absolutely nothing. They considered the situation to be a total waste of time and money!.