After spending thousands of dollars for training, photographs, and a modeling convention, you are told they have work for you, but, you have to travel to another COUNTRY or another STATE in the U.S.A, to get it. AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE. The psychology they are using on you is this. They don't believe you will actually take them up on the offer to travel to another country, or state, AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE.

Also I don't care what country or state they claim the modeling assignment is available for you, there are thousands of models already there to fill it. Why do they need you? There is not a model in the world who can not easily be replaced by another model. Why then do they want you?

Models who were foolish enough to get involved in this activity told Barone they expect to sell you more photographs for the layout when you get there. At an additional cost of more than $800. But, the bottom line is, they really don't expect you to go.