The Barone Agency ( cautions you to be careful of the following method used by some organizations:

Spent a total of $1200 to go to a convention to be told she was too old although she was only 18.

An interested model applicant heard an advertisement on the radio. The advertisement indicated in effect, come to our interview, and we will make you a star. She called the organization, and was told she would have to travel to Baltimore, MD (From Arlington, VA, about a two hour round trip) to be interviewed at the Marriott Hotel.

At the interview she was told the "scouting Organization", was interested in her qualifications, and she would have to travel to Philadelphia, PA (about a six hour round trip) to a convention. She was also told they would arrange that she stay at a hotel , at a "discounted" fee for one night. At the convention she was to be introduced to modeling agents from many well known modeling agencies that are located around the U.S.A.

We pointed out elsewhere on our site, that well known modeling agencies in New York, and elsewhere get hundreds of new applicants per week they do not need to travel around looking for models. Models come to them, if they have anything to offer. We also cautioned you to be very leery of organizations that DO NOT have established offices locally. They may not be licensed to operate in this area, and therefore, are not under anyone's jurisdiction. If you are misled, no one can help you.

This model's total expenditures were: Round trip travel by car to Baltimore, and Philadelphia, about $100, Fee for the convention $795, Hotel $300 for one night. Total cost about $1200.

At the convention in Philadelphia, she was told the scouting organization was only interested in models between 13 and 15. The model was 18, therefore, too old for any existing assignments.

Barone has a question. If she was too old, why did they not tell her when she called to make the initial interview before going to Baltimore. At the very least why was she not told she was too old before spending the time and money to go to Philadelphia? The ONLY explanation we can conclude is, they wanted her money! The results of her experience was she spent the time and money, and got NOTHING.