Method 13: The Barone Modeling Agency cautions you to be suspicious of the following situation.

Some organizations will indicate they represent, Men, Women, Teens, and children of all ages, and sizes. The key words here are "of all ages, All Sizes. To be honest this is in fact, all nonsense! This implies they have modeling assignements available for models of all ages, and all sizes in those categories. Of course for that organization, there is NO GUARANTEE, and/or NO PROMISE of jobs. A NO GUARANTEE CLAUSE IN AN AGENCY CONTRACTS IS USUALLY AND INDICATION YOU WILL NOT MODEL ANYWHERE FOR ANYONE.


This is their process: You go to their website, you fill out information about yourself, and then upload a photo. They call you. "We have seen your photo, you are highly qualified for a job we have for you this minute. Come in immediately."

The unsuspecting applicant goes into their office. They begin flattering you, and telling you, you are highly qualified, and they have a job for you this minute. You say what do I do now?They say we need $500 for photos, plus a monthly fee (Usually between $40 and $50 per month), to publish your photos on their web site. You give them the money, you sign the contacts. But, their contracts indicate "NO GUARANTEE, NO PROMISE OF JOBS". Then you ask, "Where is the contract for the job you said I had when you called". They will not give you such a contract.

YOU NEVER GET THE JOB THEY OFFERED! They flattered you, and lied to you from the beginning!

Barone only represents girls and women. For this category of models Barone guarantees the models will get paid modeling assignments, does not charge for training and does not charge a fee to publish your photos on our website.

Barone does not represent Men,and children (under age 11 years old), because there is little or no work available for those models. Therefore, we can not implement our guarantee of paid modeling assignments for them. If certain organizations are misleading about men, and children then their entire program comes into question.

These organizations will also allow you to use your own photos (The ones you have made outside of their agency) to be placed on their web site. In order to save money you put your photos on their web site, and wait. You wait two months, three months, and still get no work. You call them and ask why? They then tell you, well ,you probably need more professional looking photos, and suggest their photographer at a cost of hundreds of dollars, remember there is NO GUARANTEE.

You then post the new professionally made photos. Guess what? You still get no work. You call them again, and ask Why? Their response will then be, "WELL WE SAID THERE WAS NO GUARANTEE."