MODELS SELECTED FROM THIS WEB SITE REQUIRE THE FOLLOWING FEES FOR THEIR SERVICES. THESE FEES MUST BE PAID at least fourteen (14) days IN ADVANCE: (Note: some models require fees higher than the fees listed below, because those models have higher qualifications, and more extensive experience. Their fees will be listed on their web page. If there is no specific fee required by the individual model, then the below fees will apply)

Fashion Photography Modeling: $130 per hour

Promotion Modeling: $60 per hour

Mannequin Modeling:$60 per hour

Tearoom Modeling: $60 per hour

Hostess Modeling: $60 per hour

Travel Fees: Models having to travel outside of the Metropolitan Washington, DC area, require a $20 per hour travel time fee in addition to the above fees.

High fashion RUNWAY MODELING: $130 per show.