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The following are some of the "METHODS" used by some organizations that you may consider to be questionable. These "methods" were brought to the attention of the Barone Agency by model applicants who attended meetings with organizations from out of the Washington, DC area. (Many of these "Methods" apply to local organizations as well).

According to the persons being interviewed, they felt that they were misled. Above all they received no modeling assignments as a result of the time, effort, and MONEY they put into it.

Method 1: After paying $1800 for training, you still have to get the work yourself.

Method 2: Tried canceling immediately after paying $1600 for training.

Method 3:Required $700 for composite cards

Method 4:Required admission fee of $120 plus $375 to be in Fashion Show.

Method 5: Radio and Television advertisement, looking for models

Method 6:Told she could become an actress, but, needed to be trained for $3000, with NO GUARANTEE!

Method 7: Are you new to the United States?

Method 8 Claims big named stars completed their program

Method 9 "Modeling Conventions"

Method 10 After spending thousands for training , you are told they have work for you, but, you have to travel to another COUNTRY, or another STATE in the U. S. A, to get it. AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE!

Method 11. Advertises that a big name Director for a new motion picture or TV program is coming into your area.

Method 12. After spending $1200 to go to a Convention, was told at 18 years old she was too old.

Method 13. Some organizations claim they will represent everyone (Men, women, teens, children). WATCH OUT THEY LIE!