The Barone photography studio offers two photograph packages that can be purchased by ANYONE:

PACKAGE ONE, Combination Portfolio: Two Photography sessions:$399

PACKAGE TWO, New York Deluxe Portfolio: This package is for career models. Models who intent to make modeling their career choice. Three photography sessions: $599


composite cards:You do not need hundreds of composite cards. Do not spend large amounts of money and get too many composite cards. Some organizations attempt to sell you hundreds of composite cards at a cost of between $150 to $750. By the time you distribute hundreds of them, your look will have changed along with the styles you are wearing. In actuality you only need between twenty and thirty of these cards at any one time. Then you can update them as needed.

For a nominal fee of $60 Barone will make a "Master Composite Card" for you. The card would be size 5x8 inches, with four photos that you provide on it. The card can be laid out anyway you like and can be printed on both sides. The card will be placed on a CD disk so future changes of photos can be made. You can then make only what you need by printing them out using your own computer, and printer, or you can take the disk to Office Depot, Staples, or Kinko's to have them printed.


1. Sample of Restored Photos

2. Sample changed background